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I hear the bells of 2016. It is time for the KAFHS Convention & Trade Show.
With the 2015 season completed and planning for the 2016 KAFHS Fair and Horse Show underway, all of us can sit back and enjoy the blessings of the holidays. Maybe Santa will bring a notice for less rain for KY fairs for the 2016 season. We can only fantasize and put the request on the 2016 wish list for the New Year.

Well, what did not do as well as expected at your event? Can you make adjustments to that event or facet of your fair? These are some of the questions that can be reviewed by you at the upcoming 2016 Convention and Trade show. If not able to remedy, then enough discussion can be put on the table, to put a stab at the direction that could be taken. This is some of the discussions that are presented and put on the informal social comradery tables. �Why not?� can be an answer. �Dump it!� can be another. But all positions on the issue could be presented. In fun discussion, of course, but honest and frank deliberation will be the norm. Will your community care how the answer to the issue is hashed out? Naw. Maybe. So enjoy and partake in the discussion.

The 2016 Convention and Trade Show is January 14, 15, and 16th, 2016 in Louisville, KY at the Galt House. Complete the documents for attendance at the 2016 show. Make your plans for attendance to the informational sessions and other events at the convention via the agenda linked below. Your attendance at the 2016 KY County Fair pageant is a fun part of the convention. Make your reservations for the Galt House and the membership into the Association for 2016. Best wishes to all.

Your plans for attendance would not be complete without the 2016 Miss KY County Fair pageant. The culminating segment of this convention is the crowning of the 2016 Miss KY County Fair pageant. The pageantry is at its highest. The pride of 2015 Kentucky County Fairs Miss contestants are vying for the 2016 Crown on Saturday night. Approximately 90 or so contestants will be competing for this honor. Get your tickets now for this event of the convention. See you there. My seats are on the front row. Get yours today.

If you're interested in 2016 Convention and Trade Show, download the 2016 Convention and Trade Show Agenda. Please review and set your daily plans for the convention.

Happy Holidays is proclaimed from the Officers and Board of the KY Association of Fairs and Horse Shows. We wish all to have a safe and bountiful Holiday season.

Make you plans for the convention and see you there at the Galt House, in Louisville, KY.

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Reserve your room now for the KAFHS Convention and Trade Show.

2016 Miss Kentucky County Fair

Lacey Nicole Graham
Lacey Nicole Graham was crowned 2016 Miss Kentucky County Fair on the last day of the convention. She is sponsored by the Larue County Fair.

2015 KAFHS President and Officers
2015 President and Officers

Please support the new leadership in their efforts to sustain the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows throughout the year.

Miss Teen
Miss Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Morgan McKay Harvey
Morgan McKay Harvey
Jackson Independence Days
Miss Pre-Teen
Miss Pre Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Kennedy Reece Davis
Kennedy Reece Davis
Hart County Fair
Little Miss & Little Mr.
Little Miss & Litt Mr. KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Gabrielle Rachelle Kemp and Jasper William Kemp
Gabrielle Rachelle Kemp and Jasper William Kemp
Adair County Fair

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