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Where did the 2015 Fair season go? Only a few events left in this year…
I believe that all KAFHS members were stricken with the rainy night bug at least once during the performance of their local Fair. So do not feel discouraged if you were deluged on one or more night. You were not alone in that significant Fair performance issue. Review your procedures for cancelation and the management in adversity methods that your fair has. For the weather is not controllable. Hopefully the adversity will make all of us stronger in some respects. Best wishes for the next season.

The KY State Fair just concluded with record breaking attendance and a wonderful time was had by all. It makes one proud to be a part of the workings and buildup for the premier fair for our state. Your local fair provided folks to compete in the different areas of showmanship for the entertainment setting of the State fair. We can all be proud of our contribution and hope to improve for next year. Did you go to the KY State Fair? If not, make it a point to attend in 2016.

KAFHS Little Mr and Miss Pageant is a part of the opening day activities for the KY State Fair. We had 74 couples present for the competition. Adair County Fair representatives: Gabrielle Kemp and Jasper Kemp were the winning couple. Present from KAFHS member fairs were winners of the Miss Pageants up to this point in the fair season. We had about 75 young ladies there to assist in the opening ceremonies and in the Little Mr and Miss pageant. Their grace and assistance is a blessing and part of their experience as a local fair member contestant for the 2016 KY County Fair pageant in January. Wish to thank them and wish the best of luck for each in the competition to come.

The meeting of the KAFHS Board and the Miss Teen and Pre teen County Fair Pageant is scheduled for October 16 and 17, 2015 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville Ky. Make your reservations now for the crowning of both of these pageants. They are both held on same day – back to back. Make your plans to attend. For reservations visit the Crowne Plaza website.

With the 2015 Fair season drawing to a close: managers and fair boards should be thinking - 2016 fair planning. The 2016 Convention and Trade Show is January 14, 15, and 16th, 2016 in Louisville, KY at the Galt House. Begin making your plans for attendance at the planning and informational beginning of the 2016 Fair season. Your attendance at the 2016 KY County Fair pageant is requested with attendance. Make your reservations at the Galt House for attendance of the beginning of the 2016 Fair season. Best wishes to all. For reservations visit the Galt House Hotel website.

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Reserve your room now for the KAFHS Convention and Trade Show.
See you in Louisville at the Crown Plaza for the Miss Teen and Pre Teen pageants for 2015: October 16 and 17. I have my tickets, do you?

2015 Miss Kentucky County Fair

Bria Hayes
Bria Hayes was crowned 2015 Miss Kentucky County Fair on the last day of the convention. She is sponsored by the Hardin County Fair.

2015 KAFHS President and Officers
2015 President and Officers

Please support the new leadership in their efforts to sustain the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows throughout the year.

Miss Teen
Miss Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Gabrielle Armour
Gabrielle Armour
Marshall County A & I Fair
Miss Pre-Teen
Miss Pre Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Natalie Ronelle Nickelson
Natalie Ronelle Nickelson
Hopkins County Fair
Little Miss & Little Mr.
Little Miss & Litt Mr. KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Gabrielle Rachelle Kemp and Jasper William Kemp
Gabrielle Rachelle Kemp and Jasper William Kemp
Adair County Fair

Just a Few Current & Upcoming Events
Somernites Cruise August 27th - October 24th
PMHA Fall Harvest Horse Show October 17th - October 18th

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2015 Kentucky State Fair
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