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Whoo eee - 2014 Fair season is drawing to a close
With only a few events and fairs left on the schedule, we must contemplate and review the planning and execution of each of our fairs and shows. What occurred that could have been prevented? Could we have done this or that in a different manner to get better results? Who does one talk to about the weather affects? The beginnings of the 2015 fair and show season is in the making. Careful review of what occurred in 2014 puts one in the correct position for the convention in January to see how others fared in 2014. Planning is planning for all the members of the Association of Fairs and Horse Shows. We all strive to do the best for our local communities. For this reason, do your planning carefully and meticulously. Your community deserves the very best.

The Miss Teen and Pre-Teen KY County Fair pageants are coming up, October 17th and 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville. Make your plans to attend and view some of the pride of Kentucky. These young ladies are some of the best that KY offers. Each will be representing their respective fair or event from their local community. Come on up and join in the entertainment and excitement of these pageants.

Fall meeting of KAFHS is the weekend of October 17 and 18, at the Crown Plaza. If you wish to assist, just make the responsible folks aware of this. All are volunteers in the Association and anyone can volunteer. Program Committee should finalize the agenda for the 2015 Convention and Trade Show for January. All committees meet during this get together. Come and join in some of the discussions.

January is a coming: the 2015 KAFHS Convention and Trade Show is during the week of January 15 to 17th, 2015 at the Galt House in downtown Louisville. Closing out the convention is the 2015 Miss KY County Fair pageant and all the pageantry and elegance that can be offered. Make your plans to attend the convention and the other activities of the week, including the pageant. See you there.

For now though, congratulations' to all our members for a great 2014 Fair and Show season. Pat yourself on the back. See you at the Crowne Plaza to crown the Miss Teen and Miss Pre-Teen KY County Fair for 2014.
2014 Miss Kentucky County Fair

Kyle Nicole Hornback
Kyle Nicole Hornback was crowned 2014 Miss Kentucky County Fair on the last day of the convention. She is sponsored by the Nelson County Fair.

2014 KAFHS President and Officers
2014 President and Officers

Please support the new leadership in their efforts to sustain the Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows throughout the year.

Miss Teen
Miss Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Kennedy Alexis Sabharwal
Kennedy Alexis Sabharwal
Casey County Fair
Miss Pre-Teen
Miss Pre Teen KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Bailey Renee Claywell
Bailey Renee Claywell
Hart County Fair
Little Miss & Little Mr.
Little Miss & Litt Mr. KY County Fair Pageant Winner - Camdin Ally Cooper & Nathan Antle
Camdin Ally Cooper & Nathan Antle
Casey County Fair

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